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BDB 2016 #4

for promoters, producers, and supporters of the collective trio BassDrumBone in celebration of their 40th anniversary in 2017 !!


"The story keeps unfolding for this fabled trio that released its first outing in 1978. With rest stops along the way, the musicians' synergy remains as a source of amazement, coupled with their perpetual creative sparks that sculpt a route embedded with fresh concepts and supreme musicianship." Glenn Astarita

"Needless to emphasize is that the disc is packed with stunning solos, highlighting a telepathic interplay, and infectious music flow, and able to satisfy the most refined and diverse listening palates, from the occasional listener to the more jaded...the music contained on The Other Parade is steeped in tradition, but speaks the language of modernity." Vincenzo Roggero AAJ Italia

At Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC, NY February 2016

BDB @ Cornelia 2016

All three of us have agreed to temporarily suspend our independent projects in favor of featuring BassDrumBone performance bookings during our anniversary in 2017.

We are currently planning for performances in Europe during:
July & August of 2017
October 19 - November 5th, 2017
with the possibility that this fall period could begin earlier and/or end later depending on offers we receive.

Additionally our US and Canadian plans are, for now, more open-ended. We wish to visit as many festivals, cities and concert possibilities as possible in 2017 and will balance this with our European appearances.

BassDrumBone completed a new recording in early August of 2016. The recording presents new work for the trio and is currently in post production. As this is a special occassion we also had two special guests on the recording who are featured in quartet arrangements of new and previous works for BassDrumBone. Our guests for this special recording are Joe Lovano and Jason Moran. The record will be released in late November 2016 to coordinate with efforts to promote our touring initiatives. A short promotional film about the recording will be posted soon.

Video of BassDrumBone performing "Insistent" (Ray Anderson)


Video of BassDrumBone performing "Pork" (Gerry Hemingway)


Video from Gent Jazz Festival 2017 (Show Tuck)

Complete Arte Broadcast with Interview mit Deutsch Begleitkommentar (including performance excerpts posted separately above)

Video of BassDrumBone performing "Limbo" (Mark Helias) & Show Tuck (Gerry Hemingway) in 2015

Excerpt from a Performance at Serralves in Porto, Portugal of "The Other Parade" in 2012

excerpts from the two most recent recordings ...


Excerpts from "The Other Parade" BassDrumBone (Clean Feed 220)

1. Show Tuck (Gerry Hemingway) 3:17
2. Blue Light Down the Line (Mark Helias) 3:01
3. King Louisian (Ray Anderson) 2:59

Lineup cover

Excerpts from "The Line Up" BassDrumBone (Clean Feed 065)

1. Insistent (Ray Anderson) 2:14
2. Rainbow (Gerry Hemingway) 2:48
3. 1,2,3 (Mark Helias) 3:24

all current photos Jordan Hemingway /Bad Behavior unless otherwise noted (links for hi rez coming soon)

bdb 2016

BDB 2016 #1

Montage & photo below by Gerry Hemingway (2009)

In Performance in Turku, Finland 1985

BassDrumBone in Turku, Finland 1985

Vintage photos below by Ken van Sickle (1984)

BassDrumBone 1984 #1 Ken van Sickle

BassDrumBone 1984 #2 Ken van Sickle

BassDrumBone 1984 #3 Ken van Sickle

BassDrumBone 1984 #4 Ken van Sickle