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RELEASE DATE November 15, 2016 !!!!!
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You have many options for getting a copy of the CD - first to order the physical CD you can puchase it
Directly from Auricle Records click here
In the US Squidco Distribution here
In Belgium from Instant Jazz for the EU click here
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Downbeat Magazine & Bradley Bambarger offers its take on "The Long Road"

BassDrumBone - The Long Road

BassDrumBone The Long Road review Volkskrant

translation from Dutch:

* * * *

Jazz Trios consisting of a bassist, drummer and trombone are actually just as rare as forty years ago when BassDrumBone Connecticut was founded.
Without a chordal instrument The trio made a series of equally elusive as fresh-sounding jazz records, while Mark Helias (bass), Gerry Hemingway (drums) and Ray Anderson (trombone) also also several collaborations contracted.
For 2017, all calendars swept clean. This year the trio celebrate its anniversary with a great tour, hopefully this summer also will visit the Netherlands.
The Long Road, the double album which as an introduction to the end of last year appeared the festivities, in each case the most impressive business card.
The three are like on previous records completely equivalent to each other. Improvising they do it most preferably at the same time. Each playful poke (plaagstootjes) handing out and just playing the notes you do not expect.
A cheerful chaos, which the two guest musicians, saxophonist Joe Lovano and pianist Jason Moran, some appropriate liberal contributions to deliver. Clever how they have a place found in the music of this trio, forty years no intruders tolerated.
Gijsbert Kamer

The Long Road
BassDrumBone (Auricle)
by Enrico Bettinello/ All About Jazz- June 20, 2017

translation from Italian:

Tenth disk and forty candles to be blown out for a solid and irresistible trio like Mark Helias's BassDrumBone, Gerry Hemingway and Ray Anderson.
It celebrates this occasion with a double disc that additionally invites guest pianist Jason Moran and saxophone player Joe Lovano; a completely logical choice given the adventurous nature of both musicians, even in a context of continuity with tradition.

The music of the trio nourishes the basic elements of African-American language, rhythm, timbre, strong interplay: in this sense the synthesis, performed by musicians who over these four decades have shared research and stages with very daring explorers such as Anthony Braxton or Wadada Leo Smith, notes a happy dialogue between what is "inside" and what is "out," sound tension is always guaranteed by a solid geometric basis.

There is a lot of blues in the beautiful compositions of The Long Road, as in the thrilling "Blueray" episode. The presence of Lovano gives the trio a more emphasized polyphonic quality, as well as that of Moran, with a beautiful dark and percussive tone that reconnects to a pre-bop lexicon.

By Anderson, Helias and Hemingway, what can we say in 2017 that has not been said yet? Maybe nothing, but it's worth remembering how much the freshness of improvised practice (the last two tracks of the disc, live, give it some exciting moments) is a matter of aptitude even before age.
Amazing all of these years, dear BassDrumBone!

The Long Road
BassDrumBone (Auricle)
by Robert Bush / NYC Jazz Record - June 2017 Issue

It’s an amazing notion that the cooperative trio of BassDrumBone—bassist Mark Helias, drummer Gerry Hemingway and trombonist Ray Anderson—has been making music for the last 40 years. The Long Road documents and celebrates this journey on Hemingway’s Auricle Records and, as a special treat, augments the trio with the tenor saxophone of Joe Lovano and the piano of Jason Moran on this two-disc set.

Anderson’s “Oh Yeah” kicks off the celebration, with an ebullient New Orleans theme. The trombone master bursts out of the speakers with giddy whinnies and fat blats emanating from the bowels of his horn while Hemingway lays down an irresistible snare drum groove. “Bungle Low” adds the luxuriant harmonies and rhythmic shadings of Moran, who lets his fingers fly with a knotty, imaginative solo. Anderson and Moran create an attractive synthesis. “Blue Ray” represents a highlight moment, with its noirish theme adding Lovano for a series of gutbucket turnbacks.

“Blueish”, from the pen of Helias, opens Disc 2 with Anderson’s gruff and blustery timbre teasing a slinky, then screaming solo from Lovano, offset by the joyous groove of Hemingway, held together by the composer’s firm center of gravity. There’s a minor blues feel permeating Hemingway’s “Cherry Pickin”, which begins with a trombone/bass unison before breaking into a smoking duet between the reliably woody pulse of Helias and Lovano’s tenor. It’s the details that make this so exquisite—the ping of Hemingway’s ride cymbal and the grit of Helias’ pizzicato are perfectly aligned. The second disc concludes with an extended live concert performance by the core trio best characterized by the 18-minute exploration of “The Line Up”, a wild conversation featuring Anderson’s audacious and turgid bleating and a series of free-wheeling conversations that revel in the universal language of the blues.

If you are new to BassDrumBone, or haven’t checked in with them for a while, The Long Road is an excellent place to start. Highly recommended.

In best releases (Top Ten) of 2016

Troy Collins : All About Jazz
Robert Bush NBCSanDiego

"Four decades on and still going strong, this venerable group, comprised of established musicians who share aesthetic outlooks and common histories, is something of a rarity by contemporary standards. Richly varied, The Long Road is a winning testament to their creative longevity." Troy Collins November 2016 AllAboutJazz

"The fused nature of the three words is much more than a syntactical gimmick; it represents a true melding of ideas, often a molten mix of lyricism, spritely elegance and vociferous invention that showcases not only individual virtuosity but a truly meaningful coming together for change." Raul da Gama - JazzdeGama (Jan 4, 2017)

indeed, the group improvisation that introduces the 18-minute “The Line Up” shows the group indulging in the kind of extended listen-and-respond collective improvisation that they frequently eschew in the studio. All three musicians are masters of the kind of free improv that draws as much on contemporary classical music as it does on the blues, and they also stand apart by having the taste to vary the approach frequently and return to a compelling rhythmic foundation to counter the free-floating instrumental dialogue. . . . James Hale Soundstage Xperience! Jan 2017

Ein sehr erfreuliches Comeback einer der wenigen „Supergroups“ des Jazz.
A very gratifying comeback of one of the few "Supergroups" of jazz.
(Christoph Haunschmid) FreiStil #70

six excerpts from the "The Long Road"

The Long Road - BassDrumBone

Excerpts from "The Long Road" BassDrumBone w/ guests Jason Moran and Joe Lovano (Auricle 16/17 - Release date November 15, 2016)

1. Oh Yeah (Ray Anderson) - BassDrumBone 1:29
2. Bunglelow (Mark Helias) - BassDrumBone w/ Jason Moran 1:23
3. Cherry Pickin (Gerry Hemingway) - BassDrumBone w/ Joe Lovano 2:50
4. The Line Up (Mark Helias) - BassDrumBone (live) 3:54
5. BluRay (Ray Anderson) - BassDrumBone w/ Joe Lovano 2:52
6. Different Cities (Gerry Hemingway) BassDrumBone 2:36

The Cover for the double CD

The Long Road BassDrumBone

an image from the inside cover

The Long Road BassDrumBone Inside CD Cover

For writers about the CD: pertinent CD information

Track Listing: CD1: Oh Yeah (Anderson); Bungle Low (Helias); BluRay (Anderson); Kemp (Hemingway); Why Not? (Anderson); Quompot (Helias); Tone L (Hemingway); At Another Time (Hemingway). CD 2: Bluish (Helias); Different Cities (Hemingway); Cherry Pickin (Hemingway); The Line Up (Helias); Lands’ End (Helias).

Personnel: Mark Helias: bass; Gerry Hemingway: drums; Ray Anderson: trombone; Jason Moran: piano (CD 1, tracks 2, 5 ,7); Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone (CD1, track 3, CD 2 tracks 1, 3).

Release Date November 15,2016 | Record Label: Auricle Records (

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